Berlin Airport
Jo-Lynn and Heinrich at Berlin Airport
Loading the bus at Berlin Airport
Tyrone at Berlin Airport
Arrival at Niesky
Niesky Moravian Church
We landed in Doha and got a 8:15 connecting flight to Berlin.  On arrival there at we had a problem in that we could not get the vehicles we had booked and had to upgrade one of the vehicles to enable us to have enough packing space for all our luggage and instruments.  From the airport we departed on a long drive to Niesky. We were welcomed by the local minister and members of the congregation, and 7 of our members then had to depart to Kleinwelka where dinner was already awaiting them.  Short after our arrival one of our players noticed a poster advertising a concert in Kleinwelka for Wednesday 11 August 2010.  This was the first we heard of this concert, and we quickly had to get used to the idea. The rest of the members had dinner in the parsonage before being taken to their host families.

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