This was a very special day for us with the only birthday to be celebrated on tour, that of Jo-Lynn Telling.  To add to it, it was the 13th of August and we were on our way to Herrnhut.  Niesky, Kleinwelka and Herrnhut form a triangle and it was therefore decided best that the two groups travel separately from Niesky and Kleinwelka to Herrnhut.  This turned out to be very scenic drives.  We were taken sight-seeing by Rev Erdmute Frank, this included a visit to God's acre where we were shown the graves of Count Zinzendorf and his family and also the grave of Rev Albert Frank, where the group sang 'Hoe stil hoe rustig slaap hul nou'. We were also showed some displays of some of the founders of the Moravian Church in the church building.  During the tradional coffee and cake session Rev Frank produced a special birthday cake for Jo-Lynn.  We were then taken to our host families before departing for Bethelsdorf to celebrate communion where the first 13th August communion service was held in 1727.  This was a joint service between the Luthern and Moravian Church and was a very special experience for us.  We had the privilege of playing in the service.  After the service we had supper in the Zinzendorf Castle.

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