This day called for an early breakfast in order to be at church by 8:15am.  Whilst we expected that we would be celebrating 13th August festival in Herrnhut, it turned out that they had celebrated the festival on 8 August with communion following in Bethelsdorf on 13 August.  The service today was a family service with special focus on the children.  We participated by playing in the service.  The service was followed with a games and dancing session in the garden, before lunch was served in the church.  The games included a soccer tournament which was won by our team.  The prize for winning the tournament was a soccerball signed by all the members of the Germany 2010 World Cup squad.  After lunch a play based on the story of the golden goose was staged in the church.  Once again coffee and tea was served before we played our final items for the day.  This was followed by a question and answer session on South Africa.  After a short break some of us made a return visit to God's acre  where we were shown the grave of Susannah Khünnel.  We then proceeded to the lookout tower from which we could see the mountains of Poland and the Czech Republic.  Thereafter we had supper in the Gemeindehaus where we bid farewell to little Erdmute Frank.    

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