Once again it was a day that we had to take leave of our hosts.  After breakfast with our host families we had to say our goodbyes to our hosts in order to meet at the church and pack the busses before leaving for Steinhude am Meer where we took a boat ride to an island on the lake.  We spend a while walking around on the island before having some lunch there.  From the island we went back to the main land and proceeded to the butterfly and insect museum.  After walking through the museum and buying some souveniors it was time to say our final goodbyes to our friends from Meerbeck and Sherwyn.  We then set off for Winsen/Aller.  When we arrived at the church everyone was waiting for us.  Even the coals for the braai was waiting.  We were warmly welcomed by the minister, the brass band leader and our hosts.  We were introduced to our hosts and sat down with them for supper.  Charles and Roland took over the braai duties and we enjoyed a very good meal.  Thereafter we exchanged information about BBSA and Winsen/Aller before proceeding home with our hosts.

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