Today we had a very long day.  After breakfast with our host families, we had to be seated at the St Michael’s Church for a short practise with the St Michael’s Posaunenchor with whom we played together during the service.  We also played one piece on our own during the service.  The serviced marked the 60th anniversary of the rebuilding of the church after it was destroyed during the second world war.  A pleasant surprise for us was the arrival of Ubery and Venessa February, of Port Elizabeth, together with their son Noah.  Ubery is currently working at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.  After the service we went for lunch in Bad Salzdetfurth.  Thereafter we went on a tour  of the Saltmine Museum.   There we also saw a windband performing outdoors.  From there we went to the park where a flute and drum band was performing.  We then played a short programme during a break in their performance.  We then went up a mountain where we climbed 111 stairs up a tower overlooking Bad Salzdetfurth.  We could also see Hildesheim in the distance.  Then it was back to St Matthäus Church were we played a 30min concert before having a joint supper with our hosts.  This was followed by evening devotions led by Pastor Harms.  We also had the opportunity to play jointly with the St Matthäus Posaunenchor during the devotions.  Ubery February was able to join in playing on this occasion.  We then took leave of Ubery, Venessa and Noah before everyone went home with their hosts.

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