We met at the church after breakfast with our hosts and then went to the Lamspringe Junior High School where we gave a short performance before setting off on our journey to Waldkappel.  We were met in Waldkappel by the Pastor Rolf Hocke.  There we learnt that our visit to Waldkappel had a lot to do with the connection between Tyrone Hitzeroth and the Hitzeroths of Waldkappel.  We were taken on a quick visit to the Waldkappel museum before we were introduced to our hosts.  We then went home with our hosts and had enough time to refresh before meeting at the church for our concert.  The concert was one of our better concerts and thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciated audience.  As part of the welcome Pastor Hocke handed a rose to each of our ladies.  This was a novelty for us.  After the concert we went to the Gemeindehaus were we had refreshments and socialized with our hosts until late.

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