After breakfast with our hosts, we met at the gemeindehaus.  Whilst the group went to the nearby town of Aalen, 3 of us went with Reinhardt to his workshop to have some repairwork done on our spectacles.  We then met up with the group in Aalen and proceeded to the market place where we did some shopping.  We thereafter went for lunch at a restaurant at the VfR Aalen Stadium.  This is a multipurpose stadium for grass sports, but it is also the homeground of VfR Aalen Football Club, which plays in the 3rd league of the Bundesliga.  We then spend the afternoon relaxing with our hosts with the usual coffee and cake before our evening concert.  Before the concert we were joined by Helmut Buck, from Dettingen, who would take charge of us from the next day.  The concert was played in a packed church with a very rousing audience.  The concert was thoroughly enjoyed by players and audience alike.  After the concert we all gathered at the gemeindehaus where we interacted with members of the audience and the Essingen band members.  This carried on even later than the previous night.

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