Today was the day many of us had been waiting for.  We had an appointment with the music shop in Dettingen.  After breakfast we left our hosts with all our baggage and met at the Gemeindehaus before going to Musikhaus Beck.  Most of the members of the group had never been there before and were astounded to see the variety of goods on offer.  So many items were purchased that we had to initially extend the time allocated in the shop by half an hour.  This was however not enough and we then had to make arrangements to return to the shop to pay for our purchases in order to keep an appointment with the major.  With the major on holiday we were treated to a majoral reception by the deputy major, from there we had lunch with all our hosts at the Gemeindehaus before several of us returned to the shop to collect and pay for our purchaces.  We then left for Muggerstroom where we were due to play a concert.  Rev Cunningham lend the way for us.  at Muggerstroom we were split into 3 groups, one group staying in Muggerstroom, the second group staying in Bietingheim and the third group staying in Gernsbach.  This would be our accommodation for the next three nights as apposed to the one night we had expected to stay in Muggerstroom before leaving for Gernsbach.  Muggerstroom and Bietingheim were vitually next to each other, whilst Gernsbach was not too far away.  We had a joint supper in Bietingheim before our concert in a Catholic Church where we experienced extremely lively accoustics.  After the concert we took leave of Rev Cunningham and his wife before the group living in Gernsbach set off to meet their hosts, the other 2 groups had met their hosts before supper. 

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