Today the group had to travel from 3 different towns to meet at the South Western Radio Station in Baden-Baden.  There we had an appointment with Wolfgang Rein to record a CD.  The facilities were a real revelation to us, and were perfectly suited for a brass band.  We spend most of the day recording a CD with expert help from Wolfgang.  After the recording most of the group proceeded to Gernsbach whilst a few remained to assist Wolfgang with some editing.  We then all met in Gernsbach for supper, in the form of a braai, in the Gemeindehaus.  It was a great pleasure to meet two very old friends from Darmstadt, Radi and Pastor Klaus Stolze, there.  They had travelled all the way to meet us and attend our concert.  The concert was our final concert of the tour and we were all pleasantly surprised that it went very well, considering that we had spend most of the day doing the recording.  After the concert we took leave of Brian Engel who departed for Bad Boll with some friends.  We then all gathered at the Gemeindehaus where we socialised with our hosts.  Thereafter the two groups left for Bietingheim and Muggerstroom before those staying behind in Gernsbach went home with their hosts.

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