This was to be our final day with hosts.  The group in Gernsbach performed at the local service there under the leadership of Tyrone Hitzeroth.  The rest of the group played together under the leadership of Rudolph Engel at the morning service in Muggerstroom and thereafter at the morning service in Bietingheim.  The group from Gernsbach then arrived in Bietigheim where we enjoyed a bring and share lunch.  Thereafter we took leave of Hernice Heyns who was driven to Frankfurt by some of our members, from where he returned to South Africa.  Two of us then drove with Pastor Eger to Freudenstadt to return Simone Baumann-Beck's horn to her.  The rest of the group travelled for a short visit to France.  Thereafter we all met again in the Church in Muggerstroom for a farewell service with all the hosts present.  After the service we met in a circle with the hosts and said our goodbyes.  Then it was back to Bietigheim and Gernsbach to pack for the return journey home.

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