essingen brass band tour 2006
Essingen Brass band will tour South Africa for the second time next year. They will depart from their hometown, Essingen on Sunday 19th February 2006 and leave again on Thursday the 19th March 2006 from Johannesburg airport. They will be the guests of the BBSA from arrival date till the 16th March and will then spend the last few days in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Kruger National Park.

The Eastern Cape branch will have the privilege to welcome our guests in Port Elizabeth on the 20th February 2006. They will visit the following congregations as guests of the local brass bands:

21/02/06 - Visit Enon congregation and a concert in Port Elizabeth the same evening.
24/02/06 - Cape Town areas
25/02/06 - Concert in Lansdowne
26/02/06 - Visit Langa congregation during the morning serv
27/02/06 - Visit Genadendal congregation and a concert the same evening.
28/02/06 - Concert in Elim.
01/03/06 - Visit Wupperthal congregation and a concert the same evening.
03/03/06 - Visit Mamre congregation.
04/03/06 - Concert in Mamre.
06/03/06 - Depart for Johannesburg.
For more information concerning the visit in the different regions, members may contact the regional leaders. The BBSA Executive will finalize the arrangements at their next executive meeting in January 2006. We trust that our members will support and fill the concert halls to capacity and to make our guests really feel at home.

Soli Deo Gloria

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essingen brass band tour 2006