ebenhaeser moravian brass band
Cape Town 2007

This band was started in the 1950’s in Veeplaas, from where they operated in a very active manner. During the 1970’s, however, the congregation had to relocate to Windvogel in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth.  Although some of the original players still participated, many of them opted out.

In 1972, with the introduction of the absolute fingering by BBSA, Br. Martin Baatjes decided to form a new band in Windvogel. This new band consisted of players such as Gerald Barlow, Ricky Jaggers, Dawie Ekchardt, Andrew Brower, Tony and Trevor Lambert and Steven Doekies. For a number of years they formed the nucleus of the band. However, as time passed, other players were recruited. Here we think about the Africa’s, Kleinbooi’s, Lamberts, Billets and van Rensburgs.

After Br Baatjes retired, Gerald Barlow took charge of the band. One of his dreams was to increase the numbers of the band. With the help of our heavenly Father this dream was realised in so far that our band now boasts an enrolment figure of more than 20.

The band participates in all church activities as well as those of the BBSA. Gerald Barlow and Felicia Lambert both served on the executive of BBSA. Gerald Barlow was also sent by BBSA, to Germany where he underwent training in basic brass instrument repairs. Hayley Hendricks is the current assistant secretary of BBSA Eastern Cape Branch.  In 2000 Rozanne Jonas formed part of a BBSA Band that travelled to Germany and the Netherlands, and participated in the World Expo in Hannover. There is also a very good relationship with band members of neighbouring Moravian congregations.  In 2003 the band undertook a tour, together with the Arcadia and Bloemendal Bands, to Johannesburg where the El-Shaddai congregation was visited.

A milestone was reached in 2007 when our band could form part of the the first UNITY BRASS FESTIVAL that was held in Cape Town to co-incide with the 550/270 anniversary celebrations of the Moravian Church worldwide and in South Africa.

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ebenhaeser moravian brass band