condolences matthewis tilling

It is with great sadness that we note the passing on of Br. Matthewis Tilling. Br. Tilling, for many years served as band leader of the Modderrivier brassband. Many of us remember him as one of the 5 band members whom for many years represented their congregation at brass festivals.

When death comes to take from our midst a loved one, there are many resources for help through a difficult time.
We can receive help from memory. We can receive help from friends. We can receive help from the Scriptures but our greatest help cometh from the Lord. As wonderful as pleasant memories and as gratifying as the presence of friends and as valuable as are the promises of Scriptures, our real source of strength and help is to be found in the Lord Himself.

God is with the family today, to sustain, to strengthen and to impart hope amidst the pain and loss.

Br. Matthewis Tilling will be laid to rest in his beautiful and beloved Modderrivier on Sunday 24  February. Our prayers are with the family and congregation of Modderrivier. 

Martin Abrahams

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condolences matthewis tilling