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Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.  1 Corinthians 15:58
There I stood—confused and weary—ready to give up. I had made sacrifices so I could be available. I had given of my time, talents and efforts. But something was wrong. I felt as though my efforts meant nothing to them. I was there for them and they didn´t seem to care. I realized I was a new face to so many of them, but when I reached out, and they withdrew, it hurt. "Was this Christian love?" I sunk back into the furthest corner of the room and considered leaving all together. And there in the quiet corner, the Lord spoke. He reminded me why I was there—I was there to serve. He assured me that if I would joyfully serve them that my reward would come from Him. My eyes focused back on God, and back on others. My spirits lifted, and I served my Lord with gladness. Ministering to others can at times be very hard labour. It can seem difficult and unrewarding. Yet, God assures us that to give ourselves fully to His work is a labour of love that will never be in vain. (Adapted from Short Daily Devotions- Sutty’s Crotchet World)

As u subskripsie fooie @ R40.00 per lid nog nie betaal is nie, is dit uitstaande. Soos voorgestel by die AJV moet ledegeld voor 1 Maart 2010 in betaal wees. Basuinkore moet aseblief toesien dat hulle ledegeld betaal is. Alle gelde kan direk in die BBSA WKP se rekening No. 073126144 by Standard bank gedeponeer word. Faks asb die deposito strokie met die koor se naam en doel vd inbetaling aan die kassier Br. Bernard Fortuin by Faks no. 021 550 1261.

BBSA ties are available at R80.00 per tie. Please contact any of the executive members if you are interested.

The instrument repair workshop in Mamre is in operation. A friendly request to Congregations and Church Councils to forward old instruments, as well as instruments that cannot be repaired to the Mamre workshop, so that it could be used for parts to repair other instruments. Instruments needing repair can be sent to Mamre for attention Br. R. Johannes who manages the workshop. Br. Johannes can be contacted at 0834157347(C); 0215761270 (H); 0215773792(B).

Festival Venue:  Feather Market Square, Port Elizabeth
Date:   24 – 26 September 2010
The weekend is planned as follows:
• 24 September 2010 Friday arrival pm in PE for those that travel far.
• 25 September 2010 Saturday 10h00 rehearsal for all at the Feathermarket Centre, till 12h30.
• 26 September 2010 Sunday  Brass Band Festival to be seated by latest 8h45, close by approximately 12h30.
Food at the Festival can be acquired at the premises. Sunday Lunch after the festival:
Curry & Rice or Stew, 2x vegetables, roast chicken, pasta, coldslaw salad and beetroot salad. Lunch is available for non-players as well at a cost of R25.00.
Saturday after the rehearsal   Place order in advance.
Hamburgers 10.00
Wors Rolls 10.00
Hot-dogs 8.00
Bunny Chow 15.00
Curry & Rice 20.00
¼ Chicken, Roll & Salad 20.00
Subs (variety) 15.00
Pies 10.00
Samoosas 6.00
All meals need to be prepaid. Audience members attending the festival who would like to be catered for, for Sunday lunch needs to indicate in advance. The festival registration amount per member is R70.00 which includes the Sunday lunch.

Festival Venue:  Wupperthal
Date:   9 – 10 October 2010
Please send through the total number of members attending the festival as soon as possible. The AGM will take place on Saturday 9 October 2010 in Wupperthal. Please note that there will be elections at the AGM. The AGM should not last longer than 1,5 hours. Bands are reminded to make the necessary accommodation arrangements for their drivers as well. 


Juniors:    Saturday, 24 July 2010 @ 10h00 – 13h00 : Venue : Maitland
    Saturday, 04 September 2010 @ 10h00 – 13h00: Venue : Atlantis

BBSA Combined:   Sunday, 18 July 2010; Maitland 14h30 – 17h00
    Sunday, 12 September; Maitland 14h30 – 17h00
    Sunday, 03 October; Maitland 14h30 – 17h00

Regional practises to be confirmed in regions.

Bands that are interested in purchasing instruments should indicate their interest to the BBSA with their budget as we are looking into purchasing instruments for bands provided they indicate their interest and their budget.

The BBSA website is live.  The address is: Please let us have your band information and photos and any upcoming news or events. This will give your bands exposure. This could also be sent directly to Jo-Lynn Telling:

We convey on behalf of the BBSA our sincere condolences to those who have lost love ones in the past two months. We carry in our hearts the loss of Br M Rosenberg, who served for many years as the band leader of Goedverwacht.

Yours Musically
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