After breakfast with our hosts we met at the church with all our baggage.  The group then left for the border museum showing the conditions on the eastern parts of the former border between East and West Germany. Tyrone in the meantime had to attend a family meeting and interview arranged by Pastor Hocke.  Everyone then met at a restaurant in Kleinvach for lunch.  This lunch was on the invitation of the Waldkappel church and posauenchor.  We then said our goodbyes and left for Essingen.  The departure was rather late because of a delay with the lunch.  Then then got caught up in a long stau on the A7 Autobahn and eventually arrived about 3 hours late in Essingen were we we welcomed by the Posaunenchor playing some chorales.  We enjoyed a braai and interaction with the members of the Essingen Posaunenchor.  This carried until about 11:30pm before we were taken home by our hosts.

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