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The Moravian Brass Band Union of South Africa (also known as the BBSA) is a Union within the Moravian Church in South Africa.  The Union was founded, on the instructions of the church authorities, in 1951 to promote brass band work within the congregations with a view to enabling them to answer their biblical calling to "Praise God with the Sound of Trumpet", Psalm 150.  Despite our firm foundation within the Moravian Church, membership of the Union is not restricted to Moravians only.  The Union works closely with other Evangelical Brass Band Associations in Southern Africa and overseas.  Although we remain faithful to our primary calling, we are also mindful of the need for us to work within the broader community for the general upliftment and empowerment of the community.  This is in keeping with the historical role of the MCSA and indeed, the Unitas Fratum.

We welcome you to our website and trust that you will find the contents interesting and stimulating.

Moravian Unity Brass Band Festival
Wednesday 11th September 2013
The 2nd Moravian Unity Brass Band Festival was held in Bad Boll, Germany, in May 2013. Three groups from BBSA, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Mamre Brass Band participated in this festival and toured Germany in May 2013. To view a German television news clip on the festival, and a concert of the Eastern Cape group in Waldkappel refer to the Video clips on our menu.
Friday 4th July 2014
BBSA Eastern Cape Branch will be holding their annual Brass Band Festival in the Boemendal Moravian Church on 3 August 2014 at 15h00.
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moravian brass band union of south africa