Arrival at Kleinwelka
Kleinwelka Moravian Church
Jo-Lynn and Conrad at Dinossaur park
After the members of the group staying in Niesky had breakfast together, they set off to Kleinwelka where they met up with the rest of the group.  There we learnt that the evening concert would include pieces played by the local brass band, as well as pieces played jointly with us.  Thereafter we left on a sight-seeing tour to Bautzen where we also visited a dinosaur park with hundreds of sculptures of animals and pre-historic humans by Franz Gruß who started the sculptures as a hobby before setting up the park.  We enjoyed lunch at the park before returning to Kleinwelka for the concert which was well received by a responsive audience. A very pleasant surprise for us was the arrival of Rev Erdmute Frank from Hernhut with her young daughter, Erdmute.  After interaction with the locals we had supper before the group living in Niesky departed.  The interaction with the locals was then resumed by those of us staying in Kleinwelka.  This included lengthy discussions and chorus singing.

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