We enjoyed breakfast with our host families.  Thereafter we attended the wedding of one of the players of the Herrnhut band. We then joined in the wedding lunch and were requested to play for the couple.  After the wedding we were taken to the Oybin Mountain from which we had a magnificent view of the surrounding area, which included parts of Poland and the Czech Republic.  On top of the mountain we entered the ruins of an ancient monastory. Then we had the traditional coffee and cake before the start of the concert which was incorporated into the usual Sing Stunde (Singkerk).  This arrangement was pre-arranged and worked wonderfully.  We were warmly received by the audience who did not want us to stop playing.  After the concert we were treated to a lovely pizza evening in the Gemeindehaus.   By agreement with the Herrnhut congregation, the proceeds of our concert was donated to the relief fund for the victims of the floods in India.

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